Count children rows by status


Hi - I have a sheet with parent rows and children rows.  Each child row is associated with a status (Not Started, In Progress, and Complete).  For each parent row, I'd like to count the number of child rows that are in each status.  

I need to present this information in a dashboard .  Ideally I would create a separate summary sheet and add the formulas there but I believe I read that you can't use the hierarchy formulas in a cross sheet reference so then I thought about creating hidden columns in my sheet - one  column for each status - to calculate the counts and put the formula on each parent row to count the children.

I got as far as the formula below:

=COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status:Status), "Not Started")

But it's calculating the number of ALL tasks in the sheet with status of Not Started.  I only want it to calculate the number of tasks under the Compensation Adjustment parent row with status of Not Started.  Any ideas?

Screen shot.png



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