Dynamic SmartSheets an Option?

Jen Burnett
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

First-time poster and amateur SmartSheet user here.

I have an existing Excel spreadsheet for our association's Marketing Schedule.

Each month has a row and each marketing medium (newsletter, magazine, social media, online ad, etc.) has a column where I list all of the programs and services that will be featured in that medium in any given month).

Most of these mediums also have their own dedicated SmartSheets. (I have SmartSheets for each issue of our magazine, SmartSheets for each issue of our monthly newsletters, etc.)

I'd like to ditch the Excel spreadsheet since it's double-entry and be able to generate a dynamic SmartSheet. 

No projects would be manually added to this Smartsheet, it would simply pull in information from all the various "medium" SmartSheets to create one master Marketing Schedule SmartSheet.

And anytime I make a change to one of these medium SmartSheets, the change would also be reflected in the Marking Schedule SmartSheet.

Does the ability to do this exist within this software?