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Drop down list column \ multiple choice

09/29/16 Edited 12/09/19

Dear support!

Could you please help me to understand if it's possible to use multiple choice in a column with drop down list? I mean that maybe there is a way to create something like that?  


  • Richard Rymill SBPRichard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭

    Ivan this very subject has received a lot of discussions entries. 

    Not any more to add than has been said so have a look at this link...



    Good luck 



  • Depending on the layout and overall 'scale' of your options in a dropdownn list. I have a list that was broken into columns - ie. 1 column per option and made each colum a checkbox.

    If you need to highlight, you can then use CF  - if Option 3 is Yes CF Red etc.


    My sheet was very basic but it did the trick.

  • Thank you all! Richard many thanks to you, I didn't see that thread. 


  • Good idea however for large volume smartsheets makes the sheet very wide and cumbersome for users to navigate.  The simple solution would be for multiple choice dropdowns like ASANA or AHA and any other survey type database.

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