Some Results are not showing from my formula

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=IFERROR(SUMIFS({# tags}, {TaggedBy}, Employee1, {QAedCebu}, MONTH(@cell) = 10), " ")

Formula Breakdown: (Reference Sheet A contains all tags, dates and employee assignments, Sheet B is the sheet I am trying to create totals on)

# tags = Number Column (ref to sheet A column)

TaggedBy = Employee Name Column (ref to sheet A column)

Employee1 = Reference filed for Employee Name (Sheet B)

QAedCebu = Number Column (ref to sheet A column)

MONTH(@cell) = 10 (Ref to Sheet A column)

The strange this is that I am able to pull accurate totals for a majority of the employees for the assigned month but there are 2-4 employees that are showing no totals (blank). I would expect this if they did not have any numbers for this month but they do contain totals that match these dates.

What is the best way to troubleshoot this type of issue? Why would it be working for some and not others?



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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Since your formula is returning a blank cell instead of 0, it looks like there is an error message popping up for those particular people. To troubleshoot, I would initially remove the "IFERROR" statement from your formula to see what the error is coming up as, then reference the Help Center article on errors to see what that particular error means.

    I would also suggest changing your reference from "Employee1" to "Employee@row" just to make sure it is indeed referencing the correct name.

    Finally, you may want to test a more simple formula with those names, just to make sure that they are being read correctly. The names would need to be absolutely identical, including capitalization, for the formula to work.

    If you're still unable to get the formula working, let us know the results of your testing so that we can help further!



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