An early look at new capabilities coming soon to the Smartsheet Online Community

If you’ve read the post here or talked with us at ENGAGE, you may be aware that there are some really cool changes we’re making to the Smartsheet Online Community to help you more effectively find and share information with other Smartsheet users. Today, I want to share a little more about some of the features you’ll see here in the next few weeks.

Less clutter, more information

We’re refreshing the overall design and user experience to improve navigation and highlight relevant, useful, and current information. New topic-specific forums will make it easier to stay up-to-date on the topics you care the most about. We’re also moving older posts to a dedicated archive to make sure that posts are current with the latest Smartsheet capabilities.

Smartsheet Online Community home page

Questions and answers

You’ve got questions. The community has answers. Designate your new post as a question and mark the most useful response as the “Accepted Answer” to help other users who might have the same question.

Smartsheet Online Community post with question and answer buttons highlighted

Improved search

Because our overall goal is to make it easier to find and share information with other Smartsheet users, we knew we had to add more robust capabilities to the search bar. We’re expanding on the existing key word capabilities to enable you to search by author, find answers within specific date ranges, and more. This will make it easier to find information that other users have already shared, and cut down on duplicate posts.

Search page with advanced parameters


Just like Smartsheet and your favorite chat and content creation tools, you’ll be able to use @mentions to hold conversations with other community members and trigger notifications to specific community members as well.

Notifications drop down with mentions from threads

More to come

We’re just getting started with our work to make the Smartsheet Online Community the best it can be. As new capabilities become available — guided by feedback from community members like you — we’ll post updates here. Thanks for being a part of the Smartsheet Online Community and sharing your experience with other members. We’re glad you’re here.