#Boolean Expected? #Invalid Operation? I can't win for losing

khankoff ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I thought I was quite brilliant when I figured out that the reason a formula I created in a checkbox only column returned a #BOOLEAN EXPECTED error.  I solved the problem by appending +"" to the end of my formula, and celebrated with a fun sized Snickers.  Imagine my disappointment, when I tried to create a new formula that calculated a percent complete between two such numbers.

In other words, the columns with the (corrected) formula return values of 89 and 20 respectively.  In Sheet Summary, I decided to build a formula that divides the field with 20 by the field with 89.  Lo and behold, I get a new error:  #INVALID OPERATION.  Now this is a simple division formula, so the only think I can believe is causing this is the fix I made for the BOOLEAN EXPECTED error.

Anyone have suggestions?  Here are my three formulas:

=COUNTIF([Has Desk Phone]2:[Has Desk Phone]99, <>0) + "" (works now, but returns Boolean without the +"")

=COUNTIF([Wants Desk Phone]2:[Wants Desk Phone]99, <>0) + "" (works now, but returns Boolean without the +"")

=[Wants XLNX Desk Phone]1 / [Has Desk Phone]1 (returns #INVALID OPERATOR)



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