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Publish Links - Private mode only

Peter Vennel
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I love the option that allows you to publish a link and display in html.


However, I cringe at the thought of this being visible to anyone. We do not want our competitors or unauthorised users to peek at our projects.


Is there a way to control who gets to see this published page?






  • Brett Evans
    Brett Evans ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can accomplish this by sharing your sheet.  If the usere doesn't have a Smartsheet account they can create a free one to see or edit your sheet.



  • Peter Vennel
    edited 10/19/16

    Thanks Brett. I am not sure there is anything like free account. To test this, I sent an invite to my seconday email address  and I got the message it is a trial account. I have only 29 days left to upgrade from this new account.


    What am I missing?



  • Peter, the HTML publish does not have the security control other publish options allow as it is a lightweight view. If you are looking for a similar view try a publish sheet with viewership restricted to the org only. To do this, you must be on a Team/Trial or paid Team account. You can enable this by following these steps:


    If you are not on a Team/Trial you can switch your individual trial to a team trial through a variety of ways. An easy way is to start the flow of adding another user to your account. To do this navigate through

    Account (top left gear) > User Management > Add User. When prompted to add an account name enter one. You are now on a team trial.


    Now that you are on a team trial, you will be able to see these options on Publish - Read Only and Publish - Edit. If you keep the left toolbar hidden and add a custom logo/color scheme you will have a personalized view of the sheet to safely share within your org. When accessing the publish link, users will be prompted to login if they are not already. If they are not in your account they will not be able to view the published sheet.

    Here are the options:



    Org administrators are also able to restrict sheet publish account-wide in Account Settings.

    Access Contorl.PNG

  • Thanks Benjamin.


    I do have Team account. I was playing with this feature you mentioned yesterday and found that this works for what I am looking for. We have lot of users who are read only and the HTML is easy way to share the info. So the issue I have is that we will end up paying for all such users who are just consumers of the report.


    Do you guys have a special rate for such kind of users?



  • Just a thought,


    How about using the embed code to put the published sheet on a company intranet page?  Then you could control access with a company log-in and not pay for all the extra Smartsheet licenses.

  • Peter,


    Please check out our free collaborator user type! You can invite users without a license as long as you only need them to edit/view sheets

    More information can be found here


  • Thanks Benjamin. I will check it out...

  • Thanks BMar.


    I think the solution by Benjamin will work for me. That way, I do not have to do anything extra.



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