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Importing sheets the way it was before it has been backed-up

HI. Our Company is just using T3 Smartsheet Plan, thus we have a limited number of sheets that can be used (150) and a limited storage capacity of 300GB. Our plan now is that after every project/engagement, we are going to back-up every sheet together with the attachments and columns therein to our local server and delete the related sheets in the Smartsheet.


However, there are cases that we need reopen and review our completed project files and it's going to be little bit hard to trace what attachment is related to a particular row or something. Is there a way to import the back-up files to smartsheet in a way that it will look like the sheet it was before backing-up with the files/attachments/comments in there original rows?


  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    To answer your question John, no.


    Currently Smartsheet does not have any kind of real backups.  The regular backups they have are really just re-interpreted exports of raw data, and they don't have any links to the format of the Smartsheet system.


    One idea for you is this.  Use Vallen Jpegger for downsizing your pictures, and Handbrake for downsizing your videos.  It should help quite a bit.  I have 120 sheets with 100's of pictures on them, and we're only at 1.3GB of our space used.

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