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how can i incorporate workflow automation to Smartsheet?

neha sinha
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

How can i incorporate workflow automation to Smartsheet


  • Matt Hines
    edited 10/21/16

    What specifically do you want to accomplish? Note there is a Zapier integration and maybe could help?

  • Hi Neha Sinha,


    could you please provide help regarding this...

    When i open to select a report, it shows messgae as " you can only select the reports which you are an admin". I have no idea about this. I am using trial for 30 days pack. 


    Thanks in advance..

  • Hi Viji—please email [email protected] and provide them with a screenshot of the message you're seeing in the app.


    Our Support team is happy to help!

  • Viji Krishnan
    edited 10/24/16

    Thank you Shaine GreenwoodSmile

  • Can some one tell me how can i use Zapier integration ?

  • Matt Hines
    edited 10/24/16

    Here is how my setup works. We use SmartSheet for a financial month close checklist with tasks being assigned to team members. As an organization we use Google office products. There is a Google sheet setup with a team list and columns for completed tasks and total tasks, then some additional columns for percent complete calculations. Then I have some graphs that give a visual to where we are at any point in time in close. I have the same team list at the bottom of the SmartSheet that summarized completed and total (plus a few other things). Zapier connects these by be looking at any updated complete or total tasks with matching team member name and takes those values to the Google Sheet automatically updating it.


    So you can have Zapier look for new or updated rows and use that data to create update something else. Hope this is somewhat helpful.

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