Automation to Move Rows from Sheet to Sheet is not working

Aaron D.
Aaron D. ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have my sheets set up where each row represents a project and respective information.  I have a column in each that can be changed to a department heading and I have an automation set up to make it so that when changed the rows move to the department sheet selected in the drop down box.

Now, I have 6 sheets with basically the exact same Automation set up.  However, one of the sheets the Automation will not work.  I've deleted the automation twice and reset it up but nothing seems to work on this one sheet.  So basically when a project row gets moved to this department it gets stuck there.

All of the other sheets work just fine with the same automation.  And each she was a duplicate of the original sheet set up so settings should all be the same.

Can anyone give any advice as to what I might be missing or what the next best thing to do is?