Need help figuring out a workflow puzzle...

Tamara K
Tamara K
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Here's the scenario...

I need to share a report where end users can "express interest" in a particular record/row. My solution to this was to create a contact field where they could type in their email address and have it allow multiple entries. BUT that won't work because they aren't allowed to see each other's name/contact info.

My question...

Is there a way to "click a button" or some other action a user can take where it would record WHO did the change and then kick off a workflow related to the row where they made the change? Specifically, I want to send that person an email address. Again...the report cannot allow me to see other users who have "clicked the button" or added their name.

Thanks for your geniusness, in advance!