Conditionnal copy of a cell to another cell


Hello everyone!

I'm using a sheet to evaluate the ressources required for a bunch of quick projects.

Each project have it's own row and I have 3 columns for initial effort evaluation of every department (mec_eval, elect_eval, software_eval), plus 3 copies of those department effort columns that I use to track the remaining effort, updated each month (mec_real, elect_real, software_real),. I also have a Status column.

First, we enter the estimated effort of the project in the 3 columns (*_eval). Project Status is set to "Proposed".

When I change the Status to "Accepted", the project begins and I would like to have the values entered in *_eval columns copied into *_real. I don't want a dynamic link between cells *_eval and *_real because I want to update *_real with real values as the project moves on and keep record of the original evaluation we made for that project so *_eval should never change once Status is set to "Accepted".

It would be very useful if Smartsheet had automation Actions on cells, not only on rows.

Any thoughts on how to do this?



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