IF formula with multiple criteria

I am attempting to write a formula based on 2 separate criteria, though I feel like I need some type of "BUT" statement and could use some help.

I want a picklist column to read YES or NO depending on the following:

IF Ins Status = Current OR N/A AND Agreement EXE is checked THEN Approved for Work = YES, BUT, IF Agreement Type = Truck AND Ins Status = Current AND Agreement EXE is checked AND if AB5 Compliant is checked THEN Approved for Work = YES, otherwise NO.

In a nutshell, there is a third requirement if the type = truck, that does not apply to any other type.

I have the first portion working correctly, I am just unsure how to add the second portion. It currently reads:

=IF(AND(OR([Ins Status]@row = "Current", [Ins Status]@row = "N/A"), [Agreement EXE]@row = 1), "YES", "NO")

Basically, I want a separate criteria if the Agreement Type = Truck, but every other type would be based upon a different criteria. In the attached screenshot, I would want TESCON to read NO under Approved for Work.


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