Parent RYB Status Ball - Changing color based on child status RYB ball


Another request for information!

I have a parent status ball that I would like to change color based on the 2 deadline status balls and the dominant completion ball (i.e. row 1 & row 2 - then row 3 being the dominant ball). The colors are as follows:

  • Row 1 & Row 2 - They will be green, yellow or red.
  • Row 3 - This will either be green (in progress) or gray (complete)

So, it will change to yellow if any of the two balls are yellow (dominating green) and then red if any of the two balls are red (dominating green and yellow). Then, final color! Once Row 3 is changed to gray - they will override all other colors and change the parent RYB ball to gray (meaning complete).

I hope this makes a slight bit of sense! Thank you ever so much for your help on this request!!!


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