Time calculation formula using an IF variable


I am trying to write a formula that counts the number of days we left to finish specific work cases. The end result that I'm trying to calculate is the number of days remaining to work a second level case based on two variables: 1.) how much time is allowed for a specific case type, and 2.) how much time was exhausted completing the first level case.

My formula for calculating 1.) was a simple IF statement =IF([Pre-service or Post-service]1 = "Pre-service", "10", "30")

My formula for calculating 2.) was also a simple subtraction formula =[Level 1 Case Outcome Letter Date]1 - [Level 1 Appeal Receipt Date]1

When I try to take the next step and subtract the result of formula #2 from formula #1, I get an #INVALID OPERATION message. Is this because the IF statement didn't calculate into days?

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. Thanks

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