Report Builder - 'Who' Functionality

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I'll preface this by saying that I think the answer is no, but I wanted to check for other people's thoughts.

In our project plans, we have a Project Manager field that lives in a Contact type column. There are many projects we run where we have multiple Project Managers assigned. Each PM has their own dashboard for tracking projects, which is built from our aggregate/roll-up sheet. Using the 'Who' functionality, we have built individual views for each PM, however when multiple PMs are assigned, by default those projects don't show up in their list. We are wondering if the Who functionality can be used to say something like Contains PM instead of Equals PM. Whenever a different combination of PMs is assigned to a project, the Who criteria needs to be updated to contain the combination of users. Screenshot example is attached.

I'll probably end up submitting a feature request later today if I'm right and this isn't possible at this time.

Thank you!


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