Adding more dependencies to a task, and now I don't have any start/end date info, just duration

I had a task that hadn't started yet, that was reliant on another task.

I had start/end dates, a duration, and the dependency listed in it.

Now I need to add 2 additional dependencies and see how it impacted timing, but it deleted the start/end dates when I added these extra dependencies in. If I try to put today's date in as a start, it just tells me that if I want to use that start date, I need to delete the dependencies. Huh? I've tried all kinds of dates to no avail, same response.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Ellen, 

    It sounds like you're asking the current row to be dependent on a specific date from a different row, but you want it to start at a later date than when that row ends. To do this you would need to add "lag days" to your dependency (versus inputting a different start date, which would clear out the dependency).

    To add in lag time, click on the cell in the Predecessor's column that has your dependency listed, then click the pencil icon to edit the relationship. You can read more about lag time and dependencies at the bottom of our Help article (here: