Importing using the Power Bi Connector

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I'm starting to use Smartsheet and wanting to bring the data into Power Bi to present along with other data.

But I have an issue and can't believe no one else has come across it so assume I'm doing something wrong.

All looks good in SS, hierarchy is expandable etc.

But when I bring the data into pBi, the data is the same but no means on picking out the hierarchy - its just one big table

Is this normal? Correct?

would appreciate any input on this.



  • Hi Jamie,

    From a quick test you appear to be correct. Power BI looks to only pull Smartsheet data in as a flat table. This integration was built by Microsoft, so I would suggest reaching out to their Support / Community channels to see if some other setting change may be available to change this behavior.

    You can read a bit more about this at our page here:

    Hope that's at least somewhat helpful.


    Nathan L.

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