Resource Loading without Resource Management enabled

Smartsheet resource management is not robust enough for our needs - we have multiple sheets and each sheet relies on dates in another sheet. We were having to do a lot of column duplication to bring info in and then set up conditional formatting/rules to flag when the columns didn't match. We see this as being very admin heavy so we have decided to pull the dependencies in order to simplify our process. However, we would still like to be able to see our backlog on our resources. As you see below, we have columns for # Hours, % of Takeoff Hours (Calculated), # Hours per Day, Takeoff Start Date (Target), Takeoff Finish Date (Target), Duration (days). I'm looking for a formula I can use in Sheet Summary that will return a daily sum of each resource (Assigned to) by looking at each day between start and finish and then apply that to a stretch of days (ie, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc). Is there any way to achieve this?