Restricting User "view"


I am setting up a sheet that will intake applications to employment positions. it would be very cumbersome to create a separate sheet for each position we have posted. Rather, I'd like all applications to go into one sheet, and then filter by position # (or supervisor etc).

Is there anyway to limit the rows someone sees by the individual? That is, Let's say Kathy, Carl, and Mike all have positions open, and that I don't want to share all of the incoming applicants with all of them, I only want Kathy to see Kathy's applicants, Carl to see his applicants etc (this is to help maintain the privacy of the applicants). I have another smartsheet that has incoming company tasks and I'm in a similar predicament where I really need confidentiality and for certain people to only see certain rows.

Basically, I think there should be a way to "share" a sheet (via view or edit permissions) whereby what is shared is partially based on other attribues. As an example, being able to share a "mastersheet" with Joe and setting it so that he can only view rows with Joe@compny in the "assigned to" column.