Problems with some users portfolio dashboard access


Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me please!

We have a portfolio dashboard for our programme areas, and within this programme dashboard you can click on a link to take you to a list of all projects which sit within this programme.

Most of us see the full list of projects whether we have the projects shared to us or no (if you click on the object link it either allows you access to the project or tells you that you don't have access).

Some of our users cannot see this list of projects at all (they go into essentially a blank sheet whereas most of us see the full project list), and we cannot understand why. they have been shared access to our homepage which is how we access all our programmes, they have access at portfolio level, and they also have editor rights to each of the individual projects, and yet can only access these from their menu, and not via our homepage/portfolio.

Help! TIA 😁