How do I use a cross-sheet formula to specify the range as a column name?


EX: =SUM({MRRWaterfall - Smartsheet Range 1})

"Smartsheet Range "1 is the name that Smartsheet assigned to a column that I selected that is titled "Jan2015".

How do I get the formula to read =SUM({MRRWaterfall - [Jan2015]:[Jan2015]})?


How do I copy the above formula to a column to the right to automatically include the next column name in the formula? EX: SUM({MRRWaterfall - [Feb2015]:[Feb2015]})

Thank you.


  • Andrew Stewart

    Hi Bill,

    You can change the name of the reference as you define it, "xxxxx Range 1" is just the default pre-populated by Smartsheet.

    I believe (but hope that somebody knows better) that you would have to repeat for each column, creating a new reference each time.

    It is possible to create a reference to multiple columns, and you could then access each cell or even row in the range using

    =INDEX({My external Ref}, row [ ,column])

    but doing a SUM would not work.

    You could (but I understand in many scenarios you might not want to) put a total row into the MRRWaterfall sheet, and then just reference that.



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