Using forms to update a row


I would like to use Smartsheets as a check-out/check-in for handing out laptops at an event. I want to use the forms to update a row when the laptop has been handed out and then when returned.



  • shdil
    shdil ✭✭

    Forms will add new rows to a sheet so you could try and filter with reports and use the system that way? Potentially have a report for all items that have the column checked for "checked out" and then when you click on "checked in" it disappears from your report?

    Another option would be to use a dynamic view. Dynamic views will pull the data based on user or filtering of some sort. We use this often for large data set updates but people would still need to have an asset tag or some identifier easily available to update the correct row.

    The last option could be using a form, entering a new row and then add a checkbox column called "checked in" to see, based on the laptop ID number or an asset tag, if that tag has been checked out and in. If the form enters a new row and the asset tag is logged above, it would check the box saying its checked back in. For example: =IF(COUNTIF(Asset:Asset, Asset@row) > 1, 1)

    You could then use a move row functionality to say that once its been checked back in, the row(s) move to another sheet so you start fresh (if you're lending out the same laptops) for different events.

    There are lots of options of ways to solve this! Hope this helps!