Can alerts be sent to a user(s) triggered by a "due date" or an "out of tolerance range" column?

Brenda Sintu
edited 01/10/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Currently we are using Smartsheet in the raw material quality department of my company for two different purposes:

1) Having vendors/suppliers submit yearly required compliance documents directly into Smarthseet (as opposed to forwarding them to us in an e-mail). We are currently manually sending e-mails each year to request the new year's documents.

2) Having suppliers self approve certain items and allowing them to upload each set of passing test results to Smartsheet. We currently use Smarthsheet's conditional formatting function to flag any failing result in red text so we can visually catch fail results when manually reviewing and tallying new entries (typically on a weekly basis).

We are very interested to know if there is any way to set up Smarthseet to:

1) Have Smartsheet automatically send request alerts to the users (the vendors/suppliers) every year, reminding them to start preparing, entering and uploading updated compliance documents into Smartsheet by a particular deadline. Ideally these alerts would copy our team as well for easy follow-up. Is it possible to set something like this up?

2) Have Smartsheet send our team alerts (as well as the current flagging failing results in red text) so we would be made aware of any failing result without having to go into Smartsheet to manually to check. Can the conditional format result trigger such an alert?