Is it impossible to link cells within the same sheet?


I'm using Smartsheet for recording software QA test results. There are some tests that when/if they pass, as indicated by a checkbox, that pass should cascade to pass other tests. The other tests may be in one or more other test groups:

Test 1 passes

Test group a

Test 002

Test 003 √

Test group b

Test 004 √

Test 005

Test group c

Test 006

Test 007 √

I know I can pull out each test group into its own sheet and link the pass/fail cells that way. I also know I could do add a formula that says if a child row passes, the parent passes...but that's not cell-specific, and since this involves children of differing parents, that's not going to work. Is there any way to link cells within the same sheet?


  • Juan-JLC
    Juan-JLC ✭✭
    edited 01/15/20

    @siouxzie7 If the cells need to be linked up to the check box, what you can do is a simple this cell is = to the main cell.

    Something like "=[Column2]1" where the check box that will affect all the other cells is in column 2 cell 1.

    You would have to apply the same formula on all the cells that you want to link up the master checkbox.

  • Suzanne Raphael

    Thank you, Juan-JLC! Would that relationship be maintained if the row content changed in the doc? As in "[Column2]1" became "[Column2]5"? And what about if columns move around? This would have to be a resilient solution.