Can you have a formula populate in a child row automatically?


In our project tracking sheet we have a column for Project/Task Name. The project name is listed in the parent row and then any tasks are listed below as child rows. The projects are added to the sheet by the Director who also assigns a project manager. The project manager then adds tasks and indents them as child rows under the project. We find card view very valuable and want to have lanes by project. In order to do this I have added a column "Project Name - Used for Card View". I would like to hide this column and have it automatically populate the project name.

Is there a way to have a formula populate in a cell once the row is indented as a child?

I've tried only adding tasks via form - but the form will not allow me to use a formula as prepopulated data when it is a dropdown column.

I've updated the formula for projects/tasks at the top and bottom of the sheet. It seems with hierarchy it does not recognize the pattern.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have attached a screenshot example.


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