Cross reference sheets on email addresses

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Cross reference sheets on email addresses


Looking for formula help. I have a master Smartsheet with email addresses and a second Smartsheet with a form that will populate with email addresses entered by the user, so they may not be entered 100% correctly (fuzzy lookup?). I would like to use a cell to check against the master Smartsheet to see if the user has completed the form.

My first column in my master sheet would be first and last name and the second column would be email. Likewise my second sheet "tracker" would also be the same 2 columns. In excel I was able to use the following =IF(B2=Tracker!B2,"Yes","No") and was able to obtain a result, but not in Smartsheet. What is the correct syntax in Smartsheet?



  • Hi Dedrick,

    You could potentially build in an IF(MATCH statement to look and see if there's a Match between your two sheets. I would also add in an IFERROR function around it, because if there isn't a match you will get the error #NO MATCH (instead of having a nice "No" returned).

    Try this:

    =IFERROR(IF(MATCH([Name Column]@row, {Name Column in Form Sheet}, 0), "Yes"), "No")

    Here are the Help Center articles I used to create this: Cross Sheet Formulas / @row function / MATCH function / IF function / IFERROR function

    If this doesn't work, it would be useful to see a screen capture of each sheet (please block out any sensitive data).



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