Formula to Average a Children


Hello, I have a column of costs that i want to average in a parent row, however I only want to average values that are greater than $0.00 and have an active status (seperate column). Below is an example.

Status Cost

Parent Row Active X.XX

Child Row1 Active $4.00

Child Row2 Inactive $4.00

Child Row3 Active $2.00

Child Row4 Active $0.00

The formula would be in the Cost cell of the parent row and it should read $3.00 in this scenario since it would be averaging only Child Row1 (active and greater than $0) and Child Row3 (active and greater than $0)

I was trying to average them by summing the count of all children rows that are active and dividing that by child rows that are active and above 0, but i cant seem to straighten out the formula.

Any help appreciated.


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