#Unparseable Error on Nested If And Statement


I have two columns I'm trying to reference in my formula, a check box column (Done) and a date column (Complete Date). Depending on the data in those two columns, I'd like a third symbol column update to Green, Yellow or Blue.

The desired outcome is

If Done is TRUE, then Green

If Done is NOT TRUE, and Complete Date is equal to, five days in future or five days in the past from TODAY, then Yellow

IF Done is NOT TRUE, and Complete Date is more greater than 5 days in past from TODAY, then Blue.

In the formula below, DONE is my check mark, and Complete Date is the date I'm referencing.

=IF(Done1 = 1, "Green", IF((AND(([Complete Date]1 - TODAY())>= -5) ,(([Complete Date]1 - TODAY() )<= 5)), "Yellow", "Blue"))

I am getting an Unparseable error when I attempt to enter this formula in Smart Sheets.

Does anyone immediately see a problem with my formula?

Thank you,



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