COUNTIFS with Cross-sheet references

I'm trying to get a count of rows between two dates AND where we have the status as one of three choices.

I've tried using the OR logic embedded in the COUNTIFS formula, but I couldn't get that working. Instead, I created a helper column next to status called 'Concluded' to evaluate whether or not the ticket's current status is one of the three I want - where TRUE = 1.

I keep getting the incorrect argument error when incorporating these cross-sheet references into my COUNTIFS formula. I don't understand how the range sizes could differ when all I've done for the reference is select the entire column of 'Finish Date' and 'Concluded'

What am I doing wrong? Here's the formula I'm working with at the moment. Thanks for any advice!

=COUNTIFS({Finish Date}, >Start43, {Finish Date}, <Finish43, {Concluded}, 1)


  • Hello Marry

    It seems that you have overlooked the first cell range (referred to as range_1, which this function actually counts) in your formula.

    I suggest that you please share a screenshot of the sheet where these data actually appear to have a clear idea of what needs to be done.

    You may replace any sensitive data before taking and sharing the screenshot.


    Nasir (Zealvert)