Counting from Sheet Summaries for Reporting

edited 02/03/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Hey there,

Novice user here with likely a novice question — however, a Google search didn't lend an answer to my question. :-)

I have a field that's currently in sheet summaries within a workspace, and that field is populated via a drop-down menu to select which team is working on a project.

I know that I can make a Sheet Summary Report to show me a list of the sheets within the workspace and I can include that field. However, I don't know how to get from that point to counting the instances of particular teams to go into a dashboard (e.g., Team A has 10 projects, Team B has 14, Team C has 6).

My first guess was to create an intermediary sheet and use a COUNTIF to count for each team, and then I could use the numeric that comes from that to populate my dashboard. That doesn't seem to work, however, as I can't select a sheet summary report when selecting another sheet in my formula builder for the count.

Any suggestions? Thanks!