SUMIFS with a date within a date range


I need to sum a £ column based on a date column being between and equal to two dates 1/08/19 and 31/07/20.

Is this possible in Smartsheets?



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  • Richard King
    Richard King ✭✭✭✭

    That worked!

    Thank you


  • Amanda Zahm

    Im trying to do the same thing, but nothing is working! I need to sum the "Company Transaction Count" Column if the "Closing Date" Column falls between the start and end of the month. I tried entering the start and end dates manually, and tried making a cell with the start and end dates and nothing is working! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    This is the formula Ive been trying and I am getting an error:

    =SUMIFS({Transaction Count}, {Closing Date}, <=[Start Date]@row, <=[End Date]@row)

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