VLOOKUP # No Match error


Hey, all. I've done some reading on the above error and haven't quite found an answer that fits my conundrum--or at least, not that I can tell. I may have missed something. Anyway:

Context: I am coordinating a migration over the course of several weeks including hundreds of systems and dozens of people. Each team has set specific weeks/days they will be available to assist with the migration.

Goal: If the migration schedule for any particular system changes, the staffing should automatically update based on the new Start Date.

My first thought was to use [Start]@row as my index to lookup on another sheet {VLOOKUP_TABLE}. However, I keep getting a #No Match error and I'm curious if it's because the Start Date column is in the Date format, and the primary column (what it should match against) for any new sheet must be text/number.

a) Is there a better way to do this?

b) What am I missing?

My current formula looks like this: =VLOOKUP(Start@row, {VLOOKUP_TABLE}, 2, false) --> wondering if I've got the syntax wrong as well.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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