RYG Automation with <>=


I am trying to automate a RYG ball response based on a given Margin. The ideal would be >= 75, would be green, < 75, Yellow, and less than 68, Red.

I have tried a number of iterations and this is the the farthest I have been able to take it.

=IF([MARGIN]1 >= 75), "Green”, IF(AND([MARGIN]1 <= 74), "Yellow”), IF([MARGIN]1<=65), "Red"))))


  • Cheryl Crouse
    Cheryl Crouse ✭✭✭✭

    You have an "If(And" without the "And" piece. I don't know if you want less than 68 to be red (per your comments) or less than 65 to be red (per your formula example), so I wrote it to match your formula example...Note: If you column header is strictly "Margin" you don' t need the square brackets in your formula, only if there is a space in the name or if the name ends in a number.

    Try this:

    =IF(Margin1 >= 75, "Green", IF(AND(Margin1 <= 74, Margin1 >= 66), "Yellow", "Red"))

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