Borrowing and Managing Finite Products Across multiple trade shows


I've been working on this for a while now and have gotten stuck. Reviewed some of the discussions and nothing that quite meets what I'm looking for.


Tradeshow inventory management (borrowing/checking out, etc)

Is there any way to do the follow?

I'd like for the following to happen for each tradeshow:

1) Create a form where they can input the date range and items they'd like at the tradeshow. However, limit the product type they can have based upon inventory status (e.g. if it's checked out by another person or at a show/in transit (12 days prior+ (Show+days at show)+ 12 days) it's not an option for them to use.)

Then also have a check-in form?

I'd also like to create a master report that pulls from each sheet to create an aggregate of how many items are out and at which show. Any way to do this without a dashboard/widget?

Many thanks!