Formula Autofill Fails with Sheet Summary References


I have information from my project information sheet (Project ID, Project Manager, Project Name...) linked into the sheet summary of my schedule, risk, issue, and other project management sheets. I then link this information into the sheet via the formula =[Sheet Summary Field Name]#. Otherwise associating a particular risk, issue, or other item to its project at the portfolio level would not be possible with row reports.

When I add a row to the bottom of the sheet, the formulas autofill just fine. When I add a row via a form, the formulas do not autofill. Formulas that reference the sheet (=[Sheet Column Name]$1) will autofill when a row is added in the sheet or the form.

What are your thoughts on addressing this issue? I can link the data into the sheet and then reference the sheet on the sheet summary. I felt it was more efficient to link it into the sheet once. By placing it in the sheet summary, the link to the other sheet is unlikely to be deleted by the project managers. If I place it in the sheet and the row with the cell linking is deleted, the data is gone from the entire sheet.


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