Comparisons of dates(Committed date,New Committed date & Actual Completion Date)


Hello I have 3 dates column in smart sheet i.e Committed date,New Committed date & Actual Completion Date

I need to compare these dates like if Commited date is> New committed date then i should get some color & the same way if committed date>actual completion date then i should get color & the same if New committed date is date then i should get one color.

Please help me with the formula?

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  • Manuel Macias

    In a new column that can be hidden use a formula similar to the following:

    =if([Commited Date]@row > [New Committed Date]@row,color1,if([Committed Date]@row>[Actual Completion Date],color2,""))

    From there you can use conditional formatting to make the actual color changes you desire by using the resulted value in the cell with the formula.

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