Formula for sum of values in columns of other sheets per collaborator. Cells assigned to "nn".

Formula for sum of values in columns of other sheets per collaborator. Cells assigned to "nn".

I have a summary sheet "Summary Sales" created from another sheet "ADMIN_2020" in rows 2, 3 and 4 of the "Summary Sales" I have 3 employees assigned. And I need to do the sum of the entire column (NETO column) from ADMIN_2020 for each independent contributor.

Who can help me will be very grateful.


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    Hi Gerardo,

    To do sum in the Summary fields in the same sheet, you can use the SUMIF function:

    =SUMIF(Assignado:Assignado, FIND("Enrique", @cell) > 0, NETO:NETO)

    To do this from another sheet, you will have to insert the cell Reference, so

    When you type in this formula


    After that bracket you will see an popup with option showing "Insert Reference", click on that, select your sheet which has the "Assignado" column and then just select that whole range.

    After inserting Reference it would look something like this:

    =SUMIF({ADMIN_2020 Cell linking range 3}

    Now just include the same Find formula which I mentioned at the top, so formula becomes:

    =SUMIF({ADMIN_2020 Cell linking range 3}, FIND("Enrique", @cell) > 0,

    Now we will need to define the range that we need to SUM, so as your SUM range is in different sheet, we will again have to use the sheet reference at the end, so it will look something like:

    =SUMIF({ADMIN_2020 Cell linking range 3}, FIND("Enrique", @cell) > 0, {ADMIN_2020 Cell linking range 9})

    NOTE: Do not copy this cell linking formula, as it looks you may have some column hidden so my range would be different, just go through steps and I hope it helps!




  • Thank you very much, your advice worked perfectly. Now I will try by my means to use SUMIFS to give another formula conditioner. If it doesn't work out, I think I'll come back here LOL.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Jayesh,

    First of all thank for the help received. Now, I tried to occupy the logic using the SUMIF formula to be able to make the sum by 2 matches ("business" and "assigned" columns). Adding the "Net" column that corresponds.

    I would be very grateful if you could help me with this formula. Beforehand thank you very much.

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