Why sheet requires saving when nothing changed?


This happens on 2 of my 10 sheets, and only started happening a few weeks ago. The moment I mouse over the grid of my sheet, the disk save icon immediately goes blue (enabled), thus indicating that something changed on the sheet. Thus when I now click on another sheet, a dialog window prompts me to confirm to save my sheet, don't save, or cancel. It indicates changes have been made to the information in Smartsheet.

I can't find any sheet configuration or personal settings that would cause this odd behavior. I am certain it isn't my auto-save feature under personal settings, because this issue always happen on the same two sheets. It is an inconvenience having to deal with the dialog.

My activity log confirms that the sheet was viewed, but not editing changes occurred. So why does Smartsheet think that the sheet changed the moment I hover over the grid?

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  • Win LeDinh
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    Hi @Andrée Starå here is the final resolution/reply I received from the support folks:


    After consulting with my senior resources in regards to the issue you are experiencing with the sheet and save button constantly being active when opening the sheet, it appears the sheet is in a state of "Dirty Save". 

    "Dirty Save", refers to an active save icon on the sheet when it is first loaded, or remaining active after the sheet is saved. This is due to a calculated difference between the data in the client and on the server. Currently there is no way of fixing this, and it seems that the solutions previously provided are you best option. 

    Please let me know if you have any further technical questions on the above.