COUNTIFS Cross Sheet: 1 Column is blank and 1 Column is not blank



I'm doing a master summary metrics sheet (in lieu of a summary sheet on the source sheet because I need to build graph charts in a dashboard).

I need to count blank cells in a specific column, but only if another column has text.

I'm using this formula:

Where Range 1 will indicate if a new submission has been received, and Range 3 will indicate if a group has confirmed the new submission. Right now, if I only count Blank cells in Range 3, it even counts the blank rows at the bottom of the sheet even though those rows don't have any new submissions - so this gives me a false count.

I thought I could course correct this by instead only count blank cells in Range 3 IF there was text in Range 1....but I keep getting #UNPARSEABLE and I feel like I've tried every combination of wording and parenthesis possible.

Any chance someone could help me understand what I might be doing wrong? I would sincerely appreciate it!!




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