Conditional formatting for individual cells?

I have a resource sheet with the resource name in the left column, and a column for each week that contains how many hours that resource is allocated for that week.

I want to turn each cell with hours in it a different color, based on the value in the cell. I can't figure out how conditional formatting would work for this?




  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    It's not currently possible to create a conditional formatting rule that evaluates an entire sheet (or individual cells), but this would be a great opportunity to submit a Product Enhancement Request.

    When creating a formatting rule, you first need to specify the column you're evaluating. Based on your sheet, you would need at least 21 conditional formatting rules (to evaluate each of the columns). It's likely that you would need additional conditional formatting rules to specify all of the different colors for each of the values or range of values.

    For example on conditional formatting rule could be "If 2/14 is less than 10 then apply this format to 2/14". Another rule could be "If 2/14 is greater than 10 and less than 25 then apply this format to 2/14".

    If needed, more information on conditional formatting can be found here: