COLLECT criteria Date is NOT Blank


=COUNT(COLLECT({ContractPayments Range 3}, {ContractPayments Range 1}, Agreement@row))

Above formula works fine, but I want to add another criteria to it where I check if a Date column value exists. I tried below variations, but both do not yield correct answers.

=COUNT(COLLECT({ContractPayments Range 3}, {ContractPayments Range 1}, Agreement@row, ISDATE({ContractPayments Range 2}),TRUE))

=COUNT(COLLECT({ContractPayments Range 3}, {ContractPayments Range 1}, Agreement@row, ISBLANK({ContractPayments Range 2}),FALSE))

For a second requirement, when I change the COUNT to SUM - it gives a #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error.

How can I add a data criteria which checks a data value has been inserted ?


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