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Accessibility to visually impaired and blind people

Laura Hulsbosch
Laura Hulsbosch ✭✭✭
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we have a few visually impaired and blind people within our organisation. It seems that Smartsheet cannot really be used by them though, is that correct? Are there any plans to make Smartsheet accesible for visiualy impaired and blind people? Or are there any tools you recommend that can be used to make it more accesible?


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    I'm sure Smartsheet will have some ideas for you, but one solution a client of our uses to access their Smartsheets for a lady with an impairment, was a big screen for her and then either magnify the section being viewed in the browser, or use specialist software to magnify windows of a sheet. 

    The only other suggestion I have is particularly useful when using Smartsheet App on a mobile is Click the microphone button and let the phone do "Voice to text" which is surprisingly good if you speak clearly. Can do that on a pc but on a mobile saves typing when on the move. There are also Text to Voice solutions but no experience there? Maybe someone else can offer help there? 

    Good luck with helping your colleagues. 


  • Laura Hulsbosch

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions Richard!

  • Laura Hulsbosch

    Hi Smartsheet, 


    I am really curious about your plans around this. Could you give me an update?


    Best, Laura

  • Melissa DeLong
    edited 01/04/17

    Hi Laura,


    Thanks so much for asking about this—and thanks Richard for the suggestions.


    Better accessibility is certainly on our radar: I can’t offer a specific timeline, because we are in the research phase and are still evaluating the scope and effort required to make Smartsheet more accessible. 


    That said, as we investigate how best to make Smartsheet a product that works for a diverse population of customers, we value direct input from those customers! If you (or other community members) have perspective about accessibility aids that do or don’t work well with Smartsheet or can provide guidance about specific accessibility-related pain points with the product, please let us know in this thread or complete this webform to let us know your thoughts.



    Melissa DeLong, Product Manager

  • Jose Iguiniz

    Hi Melissa, 


    Any updates on this? I'm a government user so accessibility compliance is legislated for us. Does SmartSheet has a guidance or best practices document on accessibility somewhere?




  • d.frey50416


    Is there an update on this? We would like to use Smartsheet, but one of our team members uses a screen read. Is this option available or will it be soon?


  • LizTech

    Hi -- 

    I created a form.

    I see there is a "Heading" option but it's not a true heading that is in compliance with Section 508/ADA/Section 504! It only looks like a heading! Is there any way I can correct this in the back-end ASAP??? 

    Please advise -- this form needs to go live to the public ASAP. 

  • LizTech

    Hi there, did anyone get back to you on this? Thanks!

  • LizTech

    Hi Melissa, 

    The form provided seems to be unavailable. Are there any updates on this case? Thanks!

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