Link to Parent on the same sheet

I've got this formula that returns the Name of the Parent

=PARENT([Name of Request]@row)

But, I'd like to add a link to the parent rather than simply return the Name of the parent

My use case is Tasks (Parents) and SubTasks (children)

In card view, on the Child, I need to add a link to the Parent as the children will be assigned to different people and there is information on the Parent that the Child assignee requires


  • Tyler12345
    Tyler12345 ✭✭✭

    I can't get the =PARENT function to do that, but here is a solution that should work the way you describe.

    I assume your grid looks something similar to the above? We are only going to use [Name of Request], and [Formula] columns, so don't worry about any other column that may or not may not be present. I'm assuming the link being displayed is what you want to do? If not reply back with more info and the community can take another stab at it.

    If the above is true, then let's move onto creating the data table for the VLOOKUP, which is the function we'll use here. Create a new grid (these are called "Helper" grids), and make it look similar to the below screenshot. The left column should contain all subtask names found on your main sheet (tasks listed under the [Name of Request] column. Replace the links with what you want to display. In my example they are all the same, because the Parent tasks are all on the same grid (same share link). This helper sheet/grid is what the formula on your main page will use to display the right link.

    The formula which is outlined in the below screenshot is what will display the link. You can copy and paste that formula into all rows in the "Formula" column (or whatever you end up calling your column).

    Hope this helps, if not feel free to reply with more info and the community can take another stab at it.

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