Milestones not showing in Ghantt view


I am seeing an issue where I have set a duration as 0 days on a task but still not seeing it display as a Milestone on the Ghantt view. I have selected the Dependencies enabled but nothing. Other users on my team are seeing the same issue

Can someone confirm if this is a bug or known issue, or what are we doing incorrect?


Rob K


  • Tyler12345
    Tyler12345 ✭✭✭

    Does the row in question have a child task below it? Pretty sure only Parent Rows display as Milestones on the gantt view when the dependencies setting has been turned on. My screenshot below can confirm a few scenarios. Ex...Task 4 is not indented (classification of a parent node), however since there are no tasks under it, it technically is not a parent node. I have run into this problem myself for project planning and I usually add a "Task Complete" child to get it to be a milestone. It's not a "bug" it is expected behavior given how the code works under the hood.