Status Update: Smartsheet Supported DocuSign Integration

Hunter Reed
Hunter Reed Moderator
edited 02/04/21 in General Announcements

We are excited to soon offer a new and improved DocuSign integration! The Smartsheet product management team has estimated this to be available in Q3 of 2020. The new Smartsheet supported DocuSign integration will be available with a reasonable overlap of time before we discontinue the Smartsheet Labs version.

If you're currently using the Smartsheet Labs DocuSign integration, please be assured that during this time period, you will still able to log in and retain the use of the Smartsheet Labs DocuSign integration as you have been doing.

As we near the release of the new integration, and subsequent retirement of the old integration, active users of the DocuSign integration will be kept updated with an email notice 60 and 14 days prior. You can expect to learn more about the future of the integration, and guidance around making the transition.