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I am trying to set up a procurement automation dictated by lead time. Currently I am using the Gantt, start date/duration/end date but kind of in reverse.

I have re-arranged the columns as follows, Lead Time - Days/Weeks (Duration), Critical Order Date (Start Date) and Program Date (End Date).

My procedure is to enter the program date first. Contractors enter the lead time and then the critical order date is automatically calculated. This in turn is used for other automated reminders etc.

Problem is, when I enter the program date, the lead time column defaults to 1d and the critical order date automatically adjusts for this. I have to manually delete the critical order date each time to set it up for automation. I am afraid of the human element in this and would like to have this simplified.

Can I have it so that the when the program date is entered that the lead time does not default to a time, rather it stays blank until it is manually populated?


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