Can i remove multi-select from single cell?


Hi folks,

Bit of a novice here, i have a challenge for you 😁

We use smartsheet for tracking holiday, sick leave, unpaid leave etc. For 2019/20 we've only had a single-select option for each cell, but this makes it difficult to track when employees work 1/2 a day and also 1/2-day Holiday or 1/2 day unpaid, on the same day. E.g. we would enter HOL ½ into a cell but it wasn't known if the employee worked the other ½ day, took it as unpaid etc.

To get around this for the new 20/21 tracker which i'm working on, i have changed the column properties to allow multi-select different values. However, when I do the usual 'Half Day Holiday' + 'Full Day Holiday' i.e. =Test424 + Test425, it doesn't add the value of each cell together, it appears as two separate values (0.5) (1), perhaps because the cell is multi-select?? I've entered the same formula as in our 19/20 tracker, which works fine, but can't get it to work on the new one. Can i remove multi-select from a single cell? Is there another option?

Next year we will probably look at using some kind of software for this activity but Smartsheet will be the answer until then, so any advice would be greatly received Cheers, Dan


  • jpagan03101416

    It seems that multi select properties identify values as strings so adding does values will CONCATENATE values.

    If you change the COLUMN Properties to Dropdown Single Select then the formula will do what you are trying.

    Right Click on your Column to change properties>Edit Column Properties

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