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Roy YueRoy Yue ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi, I found a way to send cell value from Excel to Smartsheet, however the date cell value always has error when sending to Smartsheet.

The CRD column is Cargo Ready Date, which is set as Date property.

In my Excel, I also have CRD date entered as date format.

When I send Excel row to Smartsheet, it says "{"response": {"statusCode": 400, "reason": "Bad Request", "content": {"detail": {"index": 0}, "errorCode": 1012, "message": "Required object attribute(s) are missing from your request: cell.value.", "refId": "e4xqzk1c1u1i"}}}"

I think the date format creates issue when sending date to Smartsheet.

Thank you!

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  • Roy YueRoy Yue ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks again genius.

  • Hahaha any time!

  • I had the same issue, except was using Workato to automatically update a Smartsheet using Google Sheets data. I changed the google sheet format to YYYY-MM-DD and it pulled it in correctly.

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