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Rolling Up or Consolidating Divisional Budgets

Joni Manley
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Fairly new user here.  Looking for help in rolling up our divisional budgets into a consolidated budget.


I have an income statement budget template for each division which has worked beautifully with callaboraters completing their info.  These templates (sheets) are all exactly the same format.


I'd like to have a Consolidated sheet that rolls up all the individual sheets.  The Consolidated sheet would be the exact same format, it would just sum up all the sheets.  As an example, I have 8 divisions (sheets) with columns for the months and rows for the income statement line items.  A Consolidated sheet would look exactly the same but would sum up all the other sheets.  If there were a way to link to multiple sheets, that's what I would need.  Is that possible?




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